1. Analytics and data science

The effective use of data allows organisations to gain invaluable insights about their employees, customers and operations. It allows them to continuously improve their products and services, improve their efficiency, and make intelligent decisions about their long-term business strategy.

I offer the following services:

  • Advice on how to effectively utilise existing sources of data to gain greater business insights
  • Advice on how to collect additional sources of high-quality data, and gauge its validity, reliability and usefulness
  • Development of statistical and machine learning models for prediction, classification and prescription
  • Simulation (Monte Carlo) studies to assess risk and model the effectiveness of different types of decisions
  • Design of data visualisations and reporting systems
  • Facilitation of workshops on analytics (developed workshops include: Excel for Beginners, Multilevel Analysis, Structural Equation Modelling)

2. Research services

Leaders are frequently confronted with uncertainty and ambiguity in making people management decisions. For instance, what is the best way to motivate employees? Is it better to set specific goals, or simply encourage employees to try their best? Will open-plan offices improve teamwork and creativity, or do they have a negative impact on employees’ productivity? Under what circumstances is diversity helpful or harmful?

Evidence-based management allows organisations to draw on the accumulated wisdom of academic research and practical experience to make better decisions. It can also draw on local data — such as employee and customer surveys, interviews and focus groups — to inform best practice.

Academic research is often complex, spread across many sources, and is difficult to access in expensive subscription-based journals. I offer a number of research services to bridge this academic-practitioner gap:

  • Systematic reviews of management research on employees, teams and organisations, in order to translate research into straightforward, actionable insights
  • Survey design, administration and interpretation
  • Employee and customer focus groups and interviews

3. Assessment and coaching

Assessment can be used to better understand employees, teams and organisations. For individuals, psychological assessment can be used to better understand their strengths, personalities, interests, values and motivations. Team assessments can be used to identify how effectively people are working together, and provides insights about how teamwork can be improved. Organisational surveys and other assessments can reveal how employees feel about their employer, and provide valuable insights about areas that can be improved.

The psychological services I offer include:

  • Bespoke development of tools for assessing employees, teams and organisations
  • Assessment of employees’ cognitive ability, personality, values, capabilities and development needs
  • Assessment of teamwork effectiveness and output
  • Assessment of organisational culture and climate
  • Coaching for capability improvement, interpersonal effectiveness, and leadership development